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Marius Engelbrecht
Managing Member 


Marius matriculated at Lutzville High (Western Cape, RSA) in 1987 and then - with a bursary from Sasol - started his tertiary education at the University of Stellenbosch (Western Cape, RSA).  Marius completed his B.Comm Business Economics in 1990 and then immediately enrolled for an Honours Degree in Marketing in 1991.  Marius obtained his degree with a cum laude and had six major subjects in his final year:  Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Industrial Relations Management, Production & Operations Management, Property Valuation and also Short Term Insurance.  Marius received the J.L. Van Schaick award for best student in Business Economics IV in 1991.

Armed with a lot of theory, Marius joined the Heating Fuels division of Sasol in 1992.  It was here where he got exposure to quality, especially service quality, for the first time.  At the time, Sasol Heating Fuels was marketing pipeline gas and different types of Fuel Oils.  Management saw a potential to increase market share by means of delivering a higher quality of product and service and gave Marius the mandate to implement Sasol's first Customer Care Centre.  Here Marius further investigated techniques and principles such as TQM (Total Quality Management), SERVQUAL (a means to identify and effectively close gaps in service delivery) and other management systems to be used to increase product quality, service quality, operational effectiveness and eventually customer delight.

As Assistant Manager:  Customer Care of the old "Blue Pump Division" of Sasol, Marius then - for the first time - got exposure to the different ISO standards.  During this period (1995/1996) Sasol was allowed to manufacture and market oils to be sold to wholesalers, but also to companies using trucks and motorists in general.  Sasol was now in direct competition with the other (mainly) international oil companies and Marius had the responsibility to get ISO9002 accreditation for Sasol's range of lubricants, oils and greases.  This was his first real challenge to be part of the team responsible for being certified by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) as an ISO9002 accredited supplier of these oils, lubricants and greases.  Sasol retained their accreditation during the period Marius was employed here.  At the time, petrol and diesel were deemed to be commodity products and no product or system accreditation was available for these two products.

Throughout his career at Sasol, Marius's portfolio always included customer service/care in one way or another.  It was for this reason that he was recruited as Customer Care Manager for Exel Petroleum, the first true Black Empowered Oil Company in South Africa.  Exel, similar to Sasol, wanted to ensure that their product and service quality were superior to that of the other oil companies.  Again a Customer Care Centre was set up and Marius was fully responsible for product, service and process quality at Exel Petroleum.  Marius also managed the supply contract with Sasol, who then became the sole supplier to Exel.

In April of 1998 Marius joined the management team of Teljoy Cellular Services as their Customer Care Manager.  In this role product and service quality were  key drivers of success and heading up their Call Centre, Marius - with his team - reviewed a number of processes, procedures and works instructions with the aim of making it easier for staff to fulfil customer requirements.  While at Teljoy, Marius had to ensure the Call Centre assists as far as possible to keep (and improve on) the 4-star NOSA rating Teljoy Cellular Services had at the time.

During the period in which Vodacom bought out most of the independent Service Providers (Vodac, Teljoy, GSM, Cellphones Direct, etc.), Marius was appointed as Project Leader for the merger (around July 2000) and assisted the Managing Director and EXCO members with the alignment of the different and very diverse four companies, to successfully form a single company, the Vodacom Service Provider Company (Pty) Ltd.  This was an intense yet very exciting period, as Marius got exposed to many different areas in the different companies and had to work with the new Executives to come up with best practises in each and every area of the business.  The attempt was to ensure that the best of the "old" companies was introduced as "the way we all worked" in the new company.  This created a multitude of challenges and opportunities for business process re-engineering.

After the merger was successfully completed, Marius was later on appointed as the Executive Head of Operations Support at Vodacom Service Provider Company (Pty) Ltd.  During this time (April 2001 - December 2004) Marius was responsible for seven different areas of the business, one of which was Quality and Health & Safety.  Marius and his Quality team then became responsible for ensuring ISO9001 certification for VSPC (Vodacom Service Provider Company).  During this period, VSPC successfully retained its ISO9001 & OHSAS18001 accreditations, as part of the bigger Vodacom accreditation by DEKRA (German certification body).  Here Marius again got quite a bit more exposure to the Quality and Health & Safety ISO/OHSAS standards and increased his knowledge in this field.

Early in 2005, Vodacom Service Provider Company (Pty) Ltd and Vodacom (Pty) Ltd (the "network" arm of the bigger Vodacom) unofficially amalgamated and Marius was appointed as the Executive Head of Division:  SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment & Quality) for the South African Operations of Vodacom.  He became accountable for SHEQ as a discipline not only in South Africa, but also for the African operations of Vodacom (Lesotho, Mozambique, Tanzania & DRC).  Only in South Africa did Vodacom want to retain their ISO certifications and Marius and his team ensured that all three South African companies (Vodacom Group (Pty) Ltd, Vodacom (Pty) Ltd and Vodacom Service Provider Company (Pty) Ltd) retained all three certifications (ISO9001 for Quality, ISO14001 for Environmental and OHSAS18001 for Health & Safety).  In South Africa both certification and legal compliance got equal amount of resources, but in the African countries no requirement for ISO certification was stated and Marius and his team were only responsible for Legislative Compliance.  The importance of legislative compliance can never be overstated, seeing that complying to applicable and relevant legislation is most probably one of the starting blocks for any company seeking ISO certification.

Marius remained responsible for SHEQ and ISO at Vodacom until the end of February 2009, when he resigned from Vodacom to start his own printing franchise.  Marius bought into the Minuteman Press group and got valuable experience in setting up and running your own business.  At the end of December 2010 Marius sold his Minuteman Press franchise and decided to return to the SHEQ and ISO disciplines.  From March 2011 Marius started working on his new consultancy firm - AccuSpeed.  He invested heavily in training again to ensure his theory and qualifications were up to date and now consults widely in SHEQ implementation and ISO certification.

To request a full copy of Marius's CV, simply e-mail him at and a copy will be forwarded to you.

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