For Accurate and Speedy Consulting Services
For Accurate and Speedy Consulting Services
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Occupational Health and Safety Management / Environmental Management / Quality Management
ISO 9001 certfication / ISO 14001 certification / OHSAS 18001 cerification
Legal Compliance /  SHEQ Systems / SHEQ Training / SHEQ Consulting / SHEQ Auditing
Changing the way in which historic consulting took place in the business environment, AccuSpeed offers its clients a guarantee like none offered before.  Not only will we be consulting and working with our clients on a number of business challenges and initiatives, but we will offer a 100% service guarantee.  If we did not deliver on your expectations as agreed upon upfront, you will be refunded proportionally to the level of service received.  There is thus no financial risk for the clients of AccuSpeed.  This is certainly not a widely used business practice of a lot of existing Consultants in South Africa.  We believe we are one of the first to offer such guarantee.  The importance of this guarantee does not only safeguard our clients, but it ensures that we work harder for YOU!
We are primarily consulting on and working with our clients in the area of SHEQ - Safety, Health, Environment and Quality.  Not all companies necessarily want ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification, but they want to employ the key principles and requirements of the international standards.  We certainly assist customers with this as well.  However, when one invests in SHEQ, one can just as well go for official ISO certification. 
SHEQ/ISO ... confused?
It is a known fact that a lot of companies, and staff responsible for this area of the business, get confused and that this "unknown" eventually leads to companies (big and small) not implementing SHEQ or work towards ISO certification.  The purpose of this section is to clarify all the jargon around SHEQ and ISO and to put the two principles in context.  It is important for any company to first understand what SHEQ/ISO is before it can "jump in" - most probably at the "deep end" ... [click on the left hand tab to read more]
Management resistance
In my 20 years in the corporate arena, I have heard many reasons why senior and top management resist the implementation of SHEQ and/or ISO.  The most common one is certainly " ... it is just another paper exercise; we do not have money to spend on drawing nice pictures and typing long and meaningless documents ...".  Many staff members fighting for the implementation of SHEQ and aiming for ISO certification, have given me this very same line of thought for not making any progress in their companies.  In this section, we will explain how to deal with management resistance and how to get "management on your side". [click on the left hand tab to read more]
Sound business reasons for implementing SHEQ/ISO
At many of the companies I worked for as an employee and where I was responsible for SHEQ and ISO certification, I had to - on several occasions - give indisputable reasons and concrete business reasons why these companies had to implement SHEQ and aim for ISO certifications.  Management wanted hard proof of the benefits (even in Rand terms) of SHEQ/ISO, before committing to and making resources available for either starting up or continuing with SHEQ/ISO.  In this section we outline valid and concrete business reasons why companies should implement SHEQ and if a requirement, go for ISO certification[click on the left hand tab to read more]
Our value proposition
This is most probably the most important question for us to answer and for our clients to understand.  First off, we do not consult in the traditional way.  We do not just come in, make impressive presentations, type up problems with possible solutions and then submit a report with an accompanying invoice ... No, we actually work with our clients.  We spend time with not only senior and middle management, but we also sit down with employees on the shop floor to understand their role, frustrations and more importantly - get possible answers to problems from them.  In this section we outline the services we offer, how we do it, and most importantly - explain the role of AccuSpeed and that of our client.  [click on the left hand tab to read more]
News & Events
Here you can read more about the latest news worthy artcles on SHEQ and ISO and also find out about upcoming events.  [click on the left hand tab to read more]
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